Sample 3-D rendering using our state-of-the-art Chief Architect software program

Zarrella Development Corp. uses Chief Architect software to bring your home design projects to life.

Custom Home Design and Construction Services

Zarrella Development Corporation in East Greenwich, RI, is the designer and builder of over 800 mid-range to high-end homes all over Rhode Island including Block Island and Prudence Island. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to a company that can provide design, architectural, consulting, and construction services for new home builds or remodels and renovations. When you work with us, you'll enjoy the flexibility of being able to use just the services you need.


You may be starting from scratch or you may already have a design or even a pre-purchased piece of land for your home; we are here for as much as you need and allow you to be as involved as you'd like. We guarantee that you will get quality construction, the lowest possible costs, and direct contact with the owners of Zarrella Development Corporation throughout the entire process.

Pre-Construction Services

Creating a home that fits the needs of your family, coordinates with your lifestyle, and ultimately becomes part of your family requires a personal connection between us and our clients. Our design department, headed by Debbi Zarrella, will familiarize themselves with the vision you have in mind. We'll be able to suggest home styles to consider, arrange tours of existing homes, and customize the layout or amenities to your liking.


We employ the latest computer technology during the design process. Gone are the days of looking at blueprints and Styrofoam models. Our state-of-the-art technology, Chief Architect, provides 3D renderings and walkthroughs, allowing you to visualize the end results before construction even starts.


Once your designs are finalized, you have two options, we can work with you to build your designed home from start to finish and complete your project with an agreed upon price with detailed specifications or we can act as consultants/project managers providing you with cost saving on materials and labor afforded to us a contractors. This way, you are more directly involved in the coordination and construction process under our supervision and guidance. 

Construction Services

With construction services by Zarrella Development Corporation, you know exactly what you will be getting and how much your construction project will cost. Once your designs are finalized and we agree on a cost for the project, we will complete the build of your new home or renovation to the agreed upon specs and price. You will not have to be involved in the project until it is completed and you're ready to pick up the keys.


This is a great option for customers who are working on a limited, set budget. With a signed contract, you can be sure that your project will come in at the specified price we agreed upon. While this option may allow for fewer changes to be made along the way, this is certainly a no-stress, hassle-free way to complete your project with no surprises. All of the work and coordinating will be handled by Zarrella Development Corporation.


When you work with us, you can put an end to questions such as "who should I hire to build it?", "what issues will I run into along the way?", "are they going to build the home I want?", and "how much is this really going to cost me?".

Consultative Customized Construction Management Services

For clients looking to be more involved in the construction process and desiring a little more flexibility when it comes to decision making, we offer construction consultation and management services. With this service, we pass all of the cost-savings and discounts for building supplies, materials, and labor that are available to us as contractors directly on to the client as they participate in project management under the guidance and supervision of Zarrella Development Corp.


This is a much more hands-on approach as it allows the client to be more involved in the coordination of which subcontractors to hire and at what price. It also allows you to make payment directly to those subcontractors and suppliers. Again, all under the supervision and guidance of Zarrella Development Corp. This gives the greatest flexibility to make changes and decisions throughout the building process all while saving on overhead through our discounted pricing that we pass on to you. If you have flexibility in your budget to take on added costs as upgrades are made, while saving on discounted pricing, and a desire to make customizations throughout your build, this is the perfect avenue for you.


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